Compassionate Doctors

Iresha Goonesinghe MD FACP FACC MACPE

Specializing in Cardiology and Internal Medicine

Why did you decide to practice medicine in a small town like Ridgecrest?

I always wanted to practice medicine in a small town where I could get to know the people and be a real doctor. I strongly believe in treating my patients as 'people' and not as 'diseases'.

What was your training like ?

"I first did my undergraduate training at the University of Colombo and at the St Georges University. Then I spent an extra year as a medical student in the UK. I did my residency training in Internal Medicine at a Yale affiliated program in CT and in NY. Then I opted to specialize in Cardiology at the Louisiana State University in New Orleans."

Did you have any other ambitions ?

"I never had any other ambitions except to become a doctor."

Being a doctor can be physically very tiring and mentally very stressful. But at the end of the day when you know that you have made a difference in someone's life it produces an inner happiness that you cannot get from anything else.

I was able to experience this as a child as I used to help my parents who are both physicians.

Being in this environment is what made me decide to become a doctor - no regrets....